More on the Shoreham Beach Boardwalk

Looks like people aren’t delighted with the new boardwalk on Shoreham Beach:

Mr Nicholson said: “It is a path right outside the back of our house, people will be able to see inside our house.
“My main gripe is not the existence of the path, it is a great idea, it’s the poor communication from the council.
“There are other options available in terms of location, which from a conservation and access point of view and for local residents are better options which weren’t considered.”

From a BBC report, which is mainly about people with beach-front property complaining.

There’s an angry letter to the Shoreham Herald, too:

Am I the only person who thinks that Adur DC’s decision to spend this small fortune on something as non-essential as a boardwalk is totally inappropriate in these austere times?