Once, we were a fishing town

A new book about Shoreham's fishing past, a new crossing for Shoreham's future — and a new group, bringing together the local community. Another busy week in SbS.

Once, we were a fishing town

So… what are we now? 🤔

While you ponder that, here's your weekly round-up of events past, and yet to come.

Shoreham's lost oyster fishing industry

Among the many events in the town last weekend, one had a distinctly Shoreham flavour. While the Wellington Wailers were singing outside the Marlipins Museum, inside Kim Matthews was reading from his new book Down Channel — a history of the oyster fishers of Shoreham.

Kim's an engaging storyteller — and clearly passionate about the subject, as well he might be. His family — several generations back — were amongst the  fishermen who worked the oyster beds. There's a small amount of melancholy in the story, too, both in how we lost the oyster beds, and the degree to which Shoreham has drifted away from its maritime heritage. And yet something very modern, too, as he described skirmishes with the French over fishing rights. Plus ça change…

The book, though, is a compelling read (at least, as far as I've got with it), and a great addition to the rather slim library of volumes about the history of our town.

ACT up for Shoreham

A note from a new Shoreham group:

ACT is an alliance of local community groups including The Shoreham Society, Shoreham by Cycle, Transition Town Shoreham, AREA, Over the Moon and Kingston Beach Residents Association working together to give the people of Shoreham a voice on the new developments and share information for the common good.

We want other local groups to join ACT to work together to ensure a sustainable future for our town. Please come forward to find out how you can get involved.

And finally, please encourage your colleagues, friends and neighbours to come on Monday.  Capacity is limited, so arrive in plenty of time to be sure of getting in!

Best wishes,‌‌
ACT team

Musical Interlude: Lee Pryor

A video from a local musician

News Digest

A new crossing

Hopefully happy news: a new crossing has been approved on the A283, north of the re-opened Red Lion. With a bit of luck, this will take some pressure off the roundabout there, where traffic coming from three direction, pedestrians crossing and the occasional bike can make it a bit hazardous…

The public consultation was 94% in favour of the scheme, which is much-needed. It's out for tender at the moment, so maybe we'll see it early in the new year.

Shoreham Beach Neighbourhood Forum

A couple of updates from the group:

The Week Ahead

A round-up of events happening in Shoreham-by-Sea in the coming week.

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